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Family Affairs

I always take your shots so i might as well share it with you guys and ...

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Univeristy Field Trips

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Purim 2012

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Our honey moon and Jenny`s long lasting Dream...

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Our Wedding

May 26th 2011, Me and Jenny got married. our very talented photograp ...

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Animals and Flowers

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Family and Strangers

Strangers, Family and Friends that i photographed.

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Beyond the Stones - Jerusalem in Color

Most of the shots in this gallery were taken for the – "2007 Photogra ...

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Damaged and Dirty

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Hiking Jan 2010

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Strobist - Jerusalem May 2009

Strobist Israel made it's first get together and i was quick enough to ...

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Hiking April 2009

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Israeli Landscape

Views that i stumble upon while working or hiking around Israel.

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4/3 photo contests

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I finally took a trip to see where my Mom and Dad came from (before im ...

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Rockefeller Museum

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Salla and Daniel

Salla and Daniel, we were happy to be on your wedding Day and enjoyed ...

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That's what i do for a living, digging or photographing digs. i can't ...

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Nir and Hagit

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